• Pruning Roses: Learn to Prune Roses

    Pruning roses is essential for beautiful blooms and healthy plants that will add grandeur to your garden for many seasons. Roses need to be pruned annually to ensure healthy grow and allow the rose shrub or rose bush to direct its energies towards producing an abundance of striking flowers. There’s a variety of pruning techniques recommended for rose gardeners. The Easy Care method will be highlighted in this article because it is geared for novice gardeners that may otherwise be hesitant to prune their rose plants. More so than technique, timing pruning appropriately is perhaps the most important aspect of pruning roses.

    Why do all varieties of rose plants need to be pruned? First and foremost,pruning roses keeps the plants healthy. After several seasons, individual canes on the plant will die. This forces living cane to compete for the plants energy, and can also create an environment that is humid will little airflow, prime for pests and diseases. Getting rid of dead cane, also known as dead wood, will ensure the living portion of the bush receives proper nutrients, light, and air circulation. Secondly, pruning away dead or unhealthy limbs allows the plant to put forth more energy towards thriving limbs and produces more blooms. There is less stress on the rose plant when the dead wood is removed and the plant is able to focus its energy and available nutrients on becoming the shining star of your garden.

    Rose pruning techniques are divided into four categories: Hard Caning, Moderate Pruning, Light Pruning, and the Easy Care method. The first three methods are fairly self-explanatory. Hard Caning removes a large portion of the existing rose bush while Light Pruning takes just a little. Moderate Pruning falls somewhere in the middle. The Easy Care method is the easiest for novice rose-gardeners because this technique only requires the gardener to cut the rose bush in half. If you desire, you may also remove any dead or healthy cane at this time as well.

    Perhaps the most important aspect of pruning roses is the timing. It is often confusing for gardeners to remember if their rose bushes should be pruned in the fall or spring. The time of year you should prune your rose plants, whether they are shrub rose, knockouts, hybrid tea roses, or climbing roses, depends on where you live. In areas with relatively mild winters, roses should be pruned in the fall which signals the roses to stop growing for the winter. In areas with much colder winters, the frigid temperatures will cause the roses to go dormant until the weather warms. In this case, the best time to prune is in the spring when you start to notice new growth.

    Society often believes roses are finicky plants that required an extraordinary amount of care. To the contrary, many roses are hardy to a variety of conditions providing they are pruned properly. Proper annual pruning will ensure your roses stay healthy, produce beautiful blooms, and keep your garden looking well-maintained. There are a number of ways to prune roses, but the easiest way is the Easy Care method. The most important thing to remember about pruning roses is the time of year the plants should be pruned. A properly pruned rose bush is a beautiful rose bush.

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