• Rose Bush Care – Easy Tips

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    There are very few, if any more beautiful flowers than the rose . . . or more popular.  Evidence of roses have been found in the oldest civilizations.  Found in practically every country, they have been cultivated for thousands of years.   Over those years, many types of rose bush care have been developed. Growing Rose [...]

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    Care of Knockout Roses

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    knockout rose careIf you are a wannabe rose gardener, but have held back from growing roses because of the belief that they are too difficult to grow and finicky, the Knockout Rose was bred just for you. The care of knockout roses is one of the easiest among the rose family. They are a favorite among the most impatient rose grower as they are repeat bloomers and will bloom every five or so weeks all throughout the growing season.

    The Knockout Rose was bred by William Radler and is distributed by Conard-Pyle. Radler is an avid rose love and is dedicated to developing easy to care for roses. The care of Knockout Roses is similar to standard rose bush care, they are simply more forgiving of a novice gardeners mistakes.

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    Miniature Rose Bush Care

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    Many people think that the care of roses is a difficult and complicated process.  As mini roses are smaller and more delicate than standard roses, some think that miniature rose bush care is even more difficult.  This is not necessarily true.  As with anything worthwhile in life, properly caring for roses is a matter of educating yourself and paying attention to a few key details.

    How to Care for Miniature Rose Bushes

    The care of your mini will primarily depend on the rose type as well as where it is planted.  Some rose plants are bred to be miniature in both size and blooms.  Other rose bushes have a larger growth habit; however, their blooms are miniature.    Then again, a rose plant can have miniature blooms and also be classified as a shrub rose, a climbing rose, or a carpet rose.

    If your rose plant is grown outdoors, simply follow the same procedure for rose bush care that you would for one that is of a standard size:  plenty of sun, plenty of water, enriched soil along with deadheading and pruning when appropriate.  (Remember that climbing rose bush care is different than for a standard shrub rose.)

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